Thursday, 13 February 2014


Obviously every day is Valentine's in our house. I kiss my husband goodbye in the morning, a tear in my eye at the thought of being without him for ten hours or so. We greet in the evening, like long lost lovers, the children looking on, smiling and happy that their parents are still so in love. Generally everything is in soft focused (much like our YouTube channel) which makes me look much more attractive than I actually am. It's bliss, I tell you.
However, on the actual 14th Feb it's difficult to know what to do. Going out for dinner makes me feel like I'm an early-teen, displaying my LOVE for all to see. Staying in means battling with the kids ("Stop smiling at me and your father for a minute and GO TO SODDING BED!") while trying to make a "special" meal. Conducive to love it is not. So, I won't say this is the answer, but it is an answer. Lover's Pizza. Make it with all the things you know s/he loves and you can't be accused of not being thoughtful. It's relatively easy (make the dough the day before or in the morning, ha!) and put it all together in the evening - whilst screaming at the kids. It's great as it allows you to multi-task.
What do you do for Valentines?


  1. I'm doing the heart shaped pizza OBVIOUSLY! Capers for me, salami and gorgonzola for him. Who needs steak and strawberries?

  2. I'm treating myslef with an unnecessary shopping trip after work, this valentine's day :-)
    Hope yours turned out well.
    Emma x.


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